2018 Partner Workouts


Buy-in: each partner has to complete one round:

21 American kettlebell swings

  • Rx, M40-44: 2/1.5 pd
  • Sc, M45-49: 1.5/1pd
  • M50+: 1 pd/25 lbs

42 double-unders

  • Rx, M40-44, M45-49: 42 double-unders each. OR, 1 athlete can complete 42 double-unders and 1 athlete can complete 84 singles
  • Sc, M50+: 84 singles


Max hang power cleans in remaining time, without dropping the bar at all, passing it back and forth as needed

  • Rx, M40-44: 115/85
  • Sc, M45-49: 85/55
  • M50+: 65/45

Score: Total accumulated hang power cleans.
Tiebreak: Time for completing buy-in: when athlete 2 completes final jump rope.


  • If the barbell touches the ground, the athlete that drops the bar must go back and redo the buy-in.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _


Each athlete completes 10 toes to bar

  • Rx, M40-44, 45-49: toes to bar
  • Sc, M50+: knee ups

Both athletes run 100 m together

Each athlete completes 10 alternating dumbbell snatches

  • Rx, M40-44: 50/35
  • Sc, M45-49: 35/20
  • M50+: 20/15

Both athletes run 100 m together

Each athlete completes 3 sandbag over shoulder

  • Rx: 150/100
  • Sc, M40-44, 44-49: 100/65
  • M 50+: 65/40

Both athletes run 100 m together

Weights: See above
Score: Total reps (each run counts as two points)
Tiebreak: NA


  • The next movement can’t begin until both athletes are back in their quadrant.
  • Athletes score one point on the run for taking a colored stick at the turnaround, and a second point when they drop the colored stick back in their quadrant.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _


21 20” box jumps

  • Rx: box jumps with step down
  • Sc: step ups
  • All M: step ups or box jumps with step down

15 ski erg cal

9 handstand push-ups

  • Rx: handstand push-ups
  • Sc: 18 hand-release push-ups
  • All M: 9 HSPU or 18 HRPU

Score: Total reps. Each rep counts as 1 point except HRPU which count as ½ to enable comparison across masters divisions.
Tiebreak: NA


  • “Box” jumps are done from ground onto stage.
  • Athletes doing HRPU must flash palms (not just raise hands off the ground).
  • Judge will zero out the calories on the ski erg every round.
  • Athletes must step down off box jumps.
  • Athletes can stand side by side for box jumps.
  • Only one athlete moves at a time.
  • Each partner must do at least one rep of each movement per round.
  • Masters can choose an option, but they must choose an option before the WOD begins and stick with it. Both partners must do the same option.
  • If the pair ends on the ski erg, the judge will look for the calories accrued at the final time, none that accrue after.