Test Your Metal 2016: Clarifications

You have questions! We have answers. General Questions Can I volunteer to be a judge? Yes! Come to one of the two judges’ meetings at CrossFit Advanced, 3601 Sullivan Trail, Easton, 18040: either Sunday 7/10 at 11 am, or Tuesday 7/12 at 6 pm. What if it rains? Test Your Metal is rain or shine. Rain […]

Test Your Metal 2016: The WODs!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting. (Well. Sort of patiently.) It’s finally time. Here they are: your workouts for Test Your Metal 2016! General Notes Athletes are responsible for using the proper equipment. Judges and pit bosses are not responsible for this. A movement performed with the wrong equipment will be a “no rep” – for example, […]

Test Your Metal 2016: Standards of Movement and Q&A

How do I choose a division? The following table of movement standards will help you decide whether to compete in the Rx or Scaled division (or, for individuals, Masters). Scaled is for those who can’t do reps at Rx weight. If you can do multiple reps at Rx weights, you should register for the Rx […]


This will be the schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. 7:00am – 7:45am: ATHLETE CHECK-IN 7:45am – 8:15am: JUDGE’S MEETING 8:15am: ATHLETE’S MEETING 9:00am: HEAT 1

2015 WOD Clarifications

Let me try to make things more clear.  No guarantees. Individual Workouts IRON No questions on this one.  Nice work everyone! LEAD The burpee broad jumps done by the Masters and Scaled athletes are actually hand release burpee broad jumps. Bring your own jump rope. The jump roping will be done on mats or plywood, […]

How To Conduct Yourself At TYM 2015

Competitiveness or Sportsmanship?  Yes Please. With the 5th annual TYM competition almost here, I want to cover a few rules on how we expect athletes to conduct themselves. Strategy is not the same as Cheating.  Once the workouts are released, coming up with a sound strategy to work efficiently, especially for the team competition, is […]

2015 Team Carry Info

Here’s the deal on the Team Carry: Only one teammate’s feet can be on the ground. The whole team must be connected, meaning some part of each team member must be touching another’s. The only other part of the rest of the team’s bodies that can touch the ground are their hands. Each team will […]


Take the weekend to get your thoughts, teams and shit together, my friends, cuz registration opens on Monday, June 15th at 5am. Here’s what you need to know: Go to the “Registration” tab of this website to register. There will be 2 separate registration pages, one for Individuals and one for teams. We sell out […]

TYM 2015: Choosing Rx or Scaled

The following table will help you decide if you should compete in the Rx or Scaled division.  If you can do multiple reps of the following movements at the Rx weights, then you should register for Rx.  The Scaled division is ONLY for those who cannot do reps at the Rx weight.  If you are […]