– WOD Questions –


– General Questions –

I want to sign up!
Great! Go to http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/register/

How do I choose a division?
Read the movement standards and the WODS to help you decide whether to compete Rx, scaled, or masters. Masters division only applies on Saturday for the partner competition. For the team competition on Sunday, age is irrelevant: all teams are either Rx or Scaled.

Did you pull these out of your…
Our standards are based on those used in the CrossFit Open and in previous Test Your Metal competitions.

Can I volunteer to help out?
Yes! If you are interested in volunteering to judge or assist, email testyourmetalcompetition@gmail.com. All judges are required attend the judges’ meeting at CrossFit Advanced (date TBD).

Where will Test Your Metal be held?
Test Your Metal IX is at Scott Park on Larry Holmes Drive in Easton, PA.

What about parking?
You can park in parking garages, lots, and streets throughout Easton and neighboring Phillipsburg. We recommend:
South Third Street Parking Garage – 123 South 3rd Street, Easton PA 18042
Pine Street Parking Garage – 27 South 3rd Street, Easton PA 18042
Riverside Way Parking Lot – 7 Union Square, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

I have questions about age groups!
Your age group is based on your age on the day of competition. Teens 14-17 are welcome in the scaled division (unless we get enough teens to warrant a separate division). On Saturday, masters pairs will compete for one masters podium, but requirements will be adjusted for each of these age groups: 40-44, 45-49, 50+. On Sunday, masters athletes can be part of either Rx or scaled teams.

Am I allowed to “up-scale” or “play up”?
One example of this is competing in an Rx pair if you’re a masters athlete. Another example would be doing double-unders if single-unders are prescribed. Yes, actions like these are allowed. They may be more fun for you, and/or may help your efficiency. But note that they don’t win you any extra points.

What if we want to compete but we can’t do the scaled weights? Or what if we aren’t the prescribed set of men / women?
No problem. We want you to have a great time and stay safe. Any configuration of athletes can compete, and athletes can drop below prescribed weights at any time. Either of these actions will remove that team from medal contention, though.

What’s the schedule?
Here is the schedule for both Saturday and Sunday of Test Your Metal:
7:00 am: Athlete check-in begins
8:00 am: Judges’ meeting
8:30 am: Athletes’ meeting
9:00 am: Heat 1 begins

What if it rains?
Test Your Metal is rain or shine. We pause the competition if weather demands, and, if necessary, will modify WODs. In case of extreme weather, we’ll adjust accordingly to keep everyone safe.

Can I bring a tent? What else should I bring?
Yes, you can bring a tent. If your tent has stakes, they must be shorter than one foot. There will be a warm-up area with basic equipment. Bring your own mobility equipment, jump rope and other personal gear. Repeat: BRING YOUR OWN JUMP ROPE. We also recommend sunblock.

Will there be vendors?
Yes, we will have food and merchandise vendors. If you are interested in being a vendor, please email testyourmetalcompetiton@gmail.com.

I want to see all the WODs!
Once they’re released, the WODs can be seen here: http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/wods/

I want to see the leaderboard!
During TYM weekend, you can see the leaderboard by going here: http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/results/ or by using the Conquest Events app. Both will have a live leaderboard.

What’s my heat assignment? / In what order will I be doing the WODs? / How do all three WODs happen simultaneously?
Your heat assignments and WOD sequences will be on the scorecards you receive when you check in. For an explanation of how this works, go here: http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/wods/

Can we drop weights?
You will be allowed to drop weights only if permission is explicitly stated in the WOD descriptions and in the athletes’ meeting on the morning of the competition. Otherwise, dropped weight will be a no rep for safety reasons.

What about the final WODs?
The top three teams in each division (Saturday: men’s RX, men’s scaled, men’s masters, women’s Rx, women’s scaled, women’s masters / Sunday: Rx and scaled) will compete in a final WOD. All bets are off and anything goes. But we can tell you this: the final WODs will be shorter than the other three WODs.

What do winners receive?
Those who finish first, second, and third in their division win a badass Test Your Metal trophy. Those who finish first also win a cash prize.

I want to see videos and photos from previous years!
Go here: http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/videos/ and here: http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/photos/

Do you post on social media?
All the time! Follow Test Your Metal on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, and use the hashtag #testyourmetal in your posts so we can repost you.

I have more questions!
Ask us at Test Your Metal on Facebook, at testyourmetalcompetition at gmail dot com, or at http://tym.crossfitadvanced.com/contact/

Last but not least: sportsmanship.

  • Cheating is not strategy. Coming up with a smart plan is part of competing. Coming up with loopholes to do less work than anyone else is not cool and will not be allowed. If you are unsure, ask, and we will clarify for you and everyone else.
  • Don’t hate. We encourage competitiveness but will not tolerate abusive behavior. Your judges are trained and supervised volunteers. If you are no-repped, ask your judge why. They are there to work with you. But if you argue with a judge, your day is over.
  • Play fair. We award the most badass trophies ever conceived, but they’re still just pieces of metal. Don’t sell your soul for one.
  • No dropping weight. We need to protect our athletes and our competition space, so you will be no-repped if you drop weights, unless a WOD specifically states that you may do so. However, if your safety is at risk, drop it to stay safe… and then you will be no-repped.
  • 3-2-1… Go! Pay attention. Be ready to go. Test Your Metal waits for no one. To quote founder Greg Tymon: “We run this hoedown like a Swiss watch. Don’t be the one to F it up.”